Pegals (Patent 11,465,709)

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UPDATE 5/31/2023

As of this date only 2 sets remaining!

UPDATE 5/26/2023

As of this date only 3 sets remaining!

UPDATE 5/22/2023

As of this date only 5 sets remaining!  Next sets of parts will likely not be here until July.

Give your electric bike the feel of a real off road bike and keep your feet and yourself safe while off roading on throttle only.

Convert your pedals into side by side foot pegs in just a few seconds with no tools required.  This patented design will work on virtually all electric bikes with standard square tapered spindles.  Back on the street and need pedals again?  No problem, just flip out the collapsible crank arm to "operable pedal mode" and keep law enforcement away.

*Be sure to add the Chainring Spider to your order if required.*

We have added some new Chainring Spider options (Super 73, Ariel Rider, Juiced, Lyric, Monday Motorbike, etc.) and will be updating the compatibility information on a regular basis.  If you have any questions about which chainring spider you may need contact us at (203) 885-0442 or send an email to

Attention Super 73 riders.  If you have 4 bolt pattern on your chainring you will need the 4 bolt 104 mm BCD chainring spider.

Attention Ariel Rider riders.  If you have a 5 bolt pattern on your chainring you will need the 5 bolt 110 mm BCD chainring spider.

Attention Xion riders.  You do not need a chainring spider--just the Pegals.

Attention Sur Ron and Talaria riders.  You need to have a pedal kit installed to use the Pegals.  You can buy a pedal kit without crank arms and pedals if you are going to install the Pegals.  You do not need a chainring spider.

Attention Onyx RCR and CTY2 riders.  Hightail is working on a solution to mount up the Pegals to the RCR and CTY2 models.

Note: For all Pegal returns there is a $25 restocking fee if the Pegals are returned UNUSED in BRAND NEW CONDITION and in ORIGINAL PACKAGING.  The refund amount will not include original shipping costs and return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.  Contact Hightail if for some reason you would like to return your Pegals.