Are Pegals all I need to add pedals to my bike?

If you have pedals on your bike already, they can be removed and the Pegals installed in their place.  If your bike does not have pedals you will need a pedal kit installed but you do not need to buy crank arms and pedals that may come with the kit.

What is a chainring spider?

A chainring spider is the part that connects the chainring to the crank arm.  They often have 4 or 5 "legs" or connection points.  Usually the chainring is mounted to the chainring spider with 4 or 5 bolts.  The bolts will thread into chainring "bolts" mounted to the chainring.

Do I need a chainring spider?

If your existing crank arm and and chainring spider are one piece construction then you will likely need one of our chainring spiders to adapt your existing chainring to the Pegals.  In some rare cases, a crank arm and chainring are one piece construction.  In this case you will need a chainring spider and a new chainring.  An example of a chainring and crankarm as one piece is shown below.  The crank arm is permanently attached to the chainring.


How do I know if my chainring spider and crank arm are one piece construction?

You can usually visually see if the crank and the chainring spider molded together as one piece.  If you cannot tell if this is the case then you may need to remove your crank arm to see if the chainring spider is attached permanently.  Most bikes will have the crank arms mounted to a round shaft with square tapered ends.  These can be difficult to remove without the proper tool.  A crank arm puller tool is readily available at your local bike shop or on Amazon for about $12.

You have several chainring spiders.  How do I know which one to choose?

To determine which chainring spider you will need you will need to count the number of mounting bolts and measure between a pair of adjacent mounting bolts on your existing chainring.  If you have 4 bolts then you will likely need our 4 bolt 104mm BCD chainring spider.  BCD stands for Bolt Circle Diameter.  This is the diameter of the imaginary circle that the bolts are located on.  The distance between adjacent bolts on a 4 bolt 104mm BCD chainring is 73.54mm (see image below).

If your chainring has 5 bolts then there are currently 2 choices.  There is the 5 bolt 130mm BCD and the 5 bolt 110mm BCD chainring spiders.  To determine which you will need you will need to measure the adjacent bolts and compare to the images below before choosing.


If you are not certain which chainring spider you will need feel free to contact us.

What is the length of the crank arms on the Pegals?

The crank arm length is 160mm.  Below is a drawing of the overall dimensions of the Pegals.