Not intended for use on public roads

Important notice to our customers

"Not intended for use on public roads"

The Denzel line of electric motorbikes are powerful electric vehicles with long range capability.  They are built to withstand harsh off road riding conditions.  Hightail Electric Bikes imports these motorbikes for adventurous people who want to use them on private land and does not condone the use of these motorbikes in an illegal manner.  The Denzel bikes are not "pedal assist" bikes and for that reason cannot be considered Class 1 or Class 3 low speed electric bikes (LSEB's).   While the Denzel bikes are equipped with speed limiter switches that will limit the top speed of the bikes to a maximum of 20 MPH, this alone does not change the classification of the bikes to Class 2 LSEB which along with Class 1 and Class 3 has the limitation of a maximum motor output of 750W.  It is the responsibility of the end user to understand and abide by the laws and regulations imposed upon these higher powered electric vehicles in the states and jurisdictions in which they will be ridden.  
Hightail Electric Bikes recommends the use of proper protective gear when riding our bikes and is not responsible for any injuries incurred while using our products nor are we responsible for any costs related to injuries or resultant legal costs for improper or unlawful use.